Tracey Duncan started practicing yoga in the late 90’s as part of healing from a car accident. Yoga was really not cool then, and most of the people she knew made fun of her crunchy granola Eastern practices. Tracey found that not only did yoga help her heal physically, it helped her develop a new kind of relationship with her mind and body that allowed her to move through her life with more grace and ease. Since then, Tracey has been sharing the practice with basically anyone who will let her teach. She is obsessed with yoga’s potential for personal transformation and radical self acceptance. Tracey has studied widely, with everyone from witches on the bayou to shamans in Manhattan. She brings the breadth of her studies and practices to each class and believes that each class should be a journey, complete with all the ups and downs, and ending with catharsis. Her style is alignment-oriented flow. She loves simple shapes, long holds, and deep focus. Tracey believes that the stakes of yoga are both enlightenment and also lightheartedness and she wants each student to leave class feeling that they have been challenged, accepted, and more elegantly able to move through their lives.