May 30,2019 - October 5, 2019

Registration now open!

FOUNDER: Reyn Lambert
LEAD TRAINERS: Lindsey Crow and Catherine Burke

With additional instruction by guest faculty.

Deepen your personal practice and learn to guide others with confidence and skill. This 200-Hr comprehensive training presents a methodology of Vinyasa yoga that is rooted in the foundations of alignment and the art of intelligent and effective sequencing.

Throughout the four-month program, we will study asana, alignment principles, anatomy and philosophy in an in-depth and personal format. We will read and discuss foundational yoga texts, learn pranayama techniques, and explore the subtle body. You will commit to yourself and your practice in new and deeper ways, and use that insight to teach from your own authentic voice and experience. This training is not just open to aspiring teachers, but to all dedicated students looking to evolve in their practice as well as their self awareness through the art of Yoga.*

The training has been organized in accordance with standards set forth by Yoga Alliance, one of the leading global yoga affiliations. Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate which you can use to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level.

*Interested students should have at least one year of consistent practice. 



MONTH 1 |  Roots
Cultivating Self Practice

MONTH 2  |  Integration

MONTH 3  |  Expression
Art of Sequencing
Finding Your Voice
Subtle Body Studies

MONTH 4  |  Community
Hands-on Assisting
Business of Teaching


84 hours: Training Techniques: Students will both practice and learn to teach structurally- aligned asana through asana intensives exploring all categories of poses (standing poses, backbends, forward folds, hip openers, twists, arm balances, and inversions). This portion of the program will also include intensives rooted in the traditional styles of Ashtanga and Iyengar as well as seminars on sun salutations, pranayama, and meditation.

30 hours: Teaching Methodology: Students will learn and apply techniques for creative & effective sequencing, hands-on assists, principles of demonstration, as well as precise use of language and voice.

20 hours: Anatomy and Physiology: Includes both the study of anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) along with their application to the yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, etc.). The bulk of this section will focus on the physical body, but we will also incorporate a seminar on energetic anatomy and the subtle body.

30 hours: Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and and Ethics for Yoga teachers: Includes the study of foundational yogic philosophies from both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions as well as progressive views on ethics and lifestyle viewed through the lens of trauma-informed awareness, inclusivity training, and integrating core values into one’s teaching and community.    

20 hours: Practicum: Observe and assist lead trainers in a designated weekly class and  practice teaching from your own heart & wisdom.

Additional non-contact hours: Will be spent writing book reports for required readings; attending classes at Reyn; and completing brief written assignments in response to a portion of those classes

*Participants will be required to attend a minimum of 3 classes per week at Reyn Studios. While these classes will exceed the 200 hour mark for required hours, we believe the immersion in practice is essential. You will be given an unlimited package for the duration of the training which is included in the cost of enrollment in this training.



Thursdays beginning May 30, 5:30-9:30pm

Thursday night sessions will involve some movement, but will be mostly focused on lecture and discussion. Sample topics include discussing the Yoga Sutras, exploring pranayama techniques, and learning about the history and mythology of the practice and how it relates to us as modern practitioners.

For the 2019 training, we are partnering with local catering company Dirt Farmer’s Table to provide students with healthy dinners during the Thursday night sessions (included in the cost of the training). These shared meals will provide us the opportunity to learn about local, seasonal foods; to eat in a way that supports our yoga practice; and as a time- and cost-saving convenience for those coming straight from work.

Saturdays and/or Sundays beginning June 1, 10:30am-6:30pm

Weekend sessions will focus on movement and hands-on activities. Our mornings together will begin with a full asana practice during the 10:30am public class. From 1pm-6:30pm, we will explore topics such as anatomy, principles of alignment, vinyasa krama (art of sequencing), giving hands-on assists, cultivating a self practice, and embodied philosophy.

You will have 1 or 2 weeks off per month, allowing time for summer travel and to integrate what you’ve learned in session. A complete schedule is available upon enrollment or by request.  

Graduation ceremony will take place Saturday, October 5, 2019.


$3700 Regular Pricing

Payment plans available. Full tuition is due by start of training.


“The training far exceeded my expectations of teachers of yoga. The perfect blend of knowledge and humor, tenacity and softness.” -Samantha M

“This training was the best thing I've ever done for myself. It met my expectations 10 fold. I can't thank you enough!” -Madeline

“I absolutely loved the Teacher Training. I had no idea how in tune with my body I’d become and how much personal growth I’d experience in this process. My asana practice is so informed and greatly improved and keeps getting better. The amount of information I absorbed in four months is impressive and it’s all because of my teachers and their thoughtful approach to creating the manual, course materials, lecturers and schedule. Lindsey and Catherine are truly the dream team!...I would enthusiastically recommend this training to anyone who is thinking about doing it in the future.” -Ashley B

“It was beautiful! So much love and thought went into everything. I don’t just feel prepared to teach, I feel nurtured by the connections within the community with my fellow yogis. Absolutely life changing.” -Heather

“I experienced so much growth. I am grateful I got to meet so many like-minded individuals with inspiring energy & good things to say.” -Renee

“I am beyond grateful for this experience and for both of you! I honestly can't believe it was the first one, because it was done so well! I know it will only get even better.” -Samantha N

“I was truly sad to see it end, and will forever have wonderful memories of this time in my life and the connections to the humans that I met as a result of it. Thank you for unfurling chapters in my life story that I didn't even know were there.” -Camille


2018 Reyn Studios Teacher Training Graduates